meet melissa

I ask all my couples to let me into their story, so here is a little bit of mine.

Of all the names I’m called, Mom is the one that is most important to me. I love the absolute chaos of being a boy mom. I had three children in less than three years, which is possible when you end up with - surprise!- twins. Their wild hearts keep me on my toes every day and I love them more than I ever thought I could love anyone. They are mine.

I walk through this life with this man here. We’ve stood next to one another for 20 years and said yes to a life together 15 years ago. We make a pretty great team.

I’m a sometimes half-marathon runner and a lover of mexican food. I’m sarcastic and a straight shooter. I believe that there’s few things that can’t be solved with a long drive with the windows down and the music up. I’m fiercely loyal. 

I understand the power of memories and preserving them. How a photograph can pull you in two directions at once. How it has the power to make you smile and break your heart all at once.

I’m scared to forget, so I use my camera to make sure I can always remember. How I capture my own family is how I capture everyone I work with. What’s real. The authentic. All the emotion. That’s what I focus on. It’s what matters.

I believe in authenticity over perfection.

I have a master’s degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education and I spent over 10 years working in Higher Education (residence life and student conduct) before deciding six years go to leave my career to stay at home with my boys and pursue my dream of becoming a full-time photographer.

I believe that it’s never too late to decide who you want to become.

Why do I share that?

Because it’s indicative of who I am as a person and what you will get if you decide to hire me.

I have been proudly (and amazingly) living my dream job for the past four years. 

I work hard.

I'm focused.

I do whatever it takes.

I follow through.

I bring that same passion and work ethic to every couple, every wedding I’m invited in to photograph.

I have a natural ability to make people feel comfortable, relax and laugh.

I’m easy going and laid back and amazing under pressure, but I can gently take control if needed, to keep things moving or carve out some time to give you a hot second to breathe and think.

I’m adept at handling rowdy wedding parties and guests. I can rock a posed portrait like no one else, but I’m also kick ass at capturing the moments as they are happening, anticipating what’s going to come next, grabbing all the emotion of your day.

Most importantly, I will help you focus on each other so you can be in the moment, together, and enjoy your day.

I care. About you. About your day. About you being present in the moment. About creating memories for you to show your grandbabies. Your wedding day goes by so fast, it’s my job to capture your memories, it’s your job to enjoy them as they’re happening.

It boils down to this.

let's do this thing together.

meet melissa

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Based in Central Massachusetts, Melissa provides wedding photography in the greater New England area including Sturbridge, Worcester, Boston and worldwide.